.308 rounds are some of the most popular bullets in the United States and around the world. While that can be an important factor when choosing a gun — it's often more convenient to invest in guns that have readily available ammo — the popularity of the rounds means it's always in demand. During periods of high demand but low supply, shortages can make it nearly impossible to maintain a solid inventory of .308 ammunition for your own personal use. If you want to stock up for hunting, target practice, or even for your gun range business, don't let local shortages dictate what you can buy. In this article, we'll explore how to find high-quality ammunition online. We’ll also discuss six locations where you can buy .308 ammo online.

Finding High-Quality .308 Ammo: What to Look For

First, know that .308 ammo is also called 308 Winchester and 7.62 NATO ammunition. While online ammunition stores refer to the rounds with all three terms, knowing different names for the rounds can help you expand your search. Look for these additional factors as you start to search for ammunition online:

  • Is the site secure, starting with https://? You'll be entering your credit card or payment account information onto the site, so you want to make sure it has its security certificates in order.
  • Does the site carry recognizable brands like Nosler, Sig Sauer, Remington, and Sierra? While you can experiment with different brands, a site that doesn't have any brand you recognize might be worth avoiding.
  • Do they have clear per-round prices? When you order online, make sure you can clearly identify the total cost for a box — say, $50 — and the cost per round — approximately $2.50.
  • Do they have free shipping and other promotions? While some online stores have rock bottom prices, that can be a red flag. Instead, look for reasonable promotions, such as better bulk prices or offers for free shipping on orders above a certain dollar value.
  • Are there reviews? Not every product will have reviews, and that's okay. But if you visit a site and none of their products have any feedback, it might be better to shop elsewhere.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy Ammunition Online?

Many gun owners have traditionally purchased ammunition in local sporting goods and big box stores. However, finding the right type of ammo in a local store can be difficult, inconvenient, and even costly. Shopping online gives gun owners more options when it comes to brands, features, prices, and quantity.

In fact, according to a survey from the NSSF, 86% of shoppers who bought ammunition online preferred doing so because of low prices (especially on bulk or high-quantity orders). Also, the online market for guns and communication is expected to grow nearly 10% from 2016 to the end of 2021. This means more and more people are turning to the internet to purchase ammunition, especially as online stores grow bigger and have more products. 

Best Places to Buy Cheap and High-Quality .308 Ammo

We've assembled a list of six online ammunition stores that offer affordable and high-quality .308 ammo. These sites are popular amongst hunters, hobbyists, gun enthusiasts, and gun-related business owners. They also offer wide inventories at reasonable prices so shoppers can be relatively sure of the ammunition quality without overpaying. If your local stores are out of the .308 ammo you're looking for, or you just want more convenient shopping options, browse through these sites:

Top Pick
Visit site
Visit site


Brownell's Visit site

Brownells is a trusted online supplier of rifles, ammunition, shooting accessories, and tools.  Whether you're a beginner hobbyist or an experienced hunter, Brownells has an extensive catalog with the items you're looking for. The site is also well-designed and accessible, so everyone can easily navigate their website to find just the right product. As you search for 308 rounds, you can filter your search based on brand, current availability, whether it's manufactured in the United States, and other criteria. Just as importantly, you can search for .308 rounds based on products with articles, helpful videos, and customer feedback. This informational component can help any shopper gain a better understanding of what they're buying and what products they really need.

Their catalog of 308 rounds for sale includes hundreds of different products, and they clearly identify which products are out of stock and what the per-box and per-unit pricing are so that shoppers don't feel confused or frustrated. Because ammunition is in such high demand, most in-store and online suppliers are suffering from extensive shortages. But Brownells both maintains a strong list of options and minimizes frustration throughout the shopping process.


OpticsPlanet Visit site

OpticsPlanet.com is a comprehensive online guns and ammunition store that sells everything from gun parts, bullets, and ammunition to eyewear and hunting gear. Despite the wide selection of products available for sale, this company puts a lot of effort into connecting customers with lots of ammunition options. They sell .308 Winchester rounds from several nationally known brands so you can find your favorite brand or research other brands to find new alternatives. 

For each ammunition product on their site, they clearly identify the price per box, the price per round, whether the product is currently in stock, and other important details. In-stock products ship within five days and they also offer free shipping for many of their products. Every product also comes with in-depth descriptions and specifications so you know precisely what you're buying. If you need .308 rounds quickly, OpticsPlanet is an excellent choice. Businesses can also submit requests for quotes for bulk and continuous orders.

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory has an extensive inventory of 308 ammo available for purchase. This site prioritizes security, so visitors can see the site's security guarantee on every page. Visitors can also search by caliber, brand, and order size to easily find their preferred products. Like many other sites, Palmetto State Armory has an ammunition shortage. If your preferred brand of 308 rounds is out of stock, they offer a convenient option for receiving notifications. You can get email alerts once your product is back in stock, which allows you to browse alternative suppliers without losing momentum. Every product page has robust descriptions and specifications so you can investigate a product in detail before making your purchase.


Cabela's Visit site

If you like both in-store and online, Cabela's is your go-to ammunition supplier. They have stores across the United States, and nearby residents can go into stores to talk to sales associates that are also experienced hunters and hobbyists. Customers can expect the same diverse inventory and easy shopping experience by visiting their website. Cabela's is a super-store with hunting, fishing, camping, and sports gear for every season and activity. This includes an extensive inventory of 308 ammunition, gun accessories, guns, and more.

They have an extensive online catalog of Winchester Centerfire ammo in small and large boxes, with sizes ranging from 20-round boxes to 1,000-round boxes.  While they're currently limiting customers to five boxes of ammunition due to the recent shortages, customers can easily find the right ammunition at the right box size to feel prepared for the season ahead. You can shop, joining their mailing list to receive news about promotions or new items, and add out-of-stock rounds to your wish list so you know when they're back in stock. Because Cabela's is such a popular store, you can also use customer feedback and ratings to guide your purchases.

True Shot Gun Club

True Shot Gun Club
True Shot Gun Club Visit site

True Shot Gun Club brands itself as a quality bargain supplier, so they're an excellent choice for budget-friendly ammunition shopping. They sell 20-round boxes from dozens of well-known brands, and each product's weight, caliber, use, and materials are clearly identified throughout their catalog. Unlike other online suppliers on this list, True Shot focuses exclusively on ammo, which streamlines their business and allows them to offer good deals. True Shot has low prices all year long, but they also have frequent flash sales and promotions. Look through their supplies of pistol, rifle, rimfire, and shotgun ammo for a great online deal.


Lucky Gunner
Lucky Gunner Visit site

Like True Shot, LuckyGunner is an ammunition supplier that focuses on offering affordable deals. Their site offers lots of filtering and easy search options so you can zero in on precisely the right 308 ammunition rounds for your gun or activity. They also filter their catalog so you only see what's in stock, making it an approachable and frustration-free choice. If you see it on their site, that means it's available for purchase. Lucky Gunner also offers fast shipping, making them an excellent choice when your supply of rounds is running low. They receive new shipments every day, so their available products are constantly changing. 

Choose the Right Supplier and Order Online to Get Your .308 Rounds Quickly

National ammunition shortages can make it frustrating to search for even popular and widely known ammunition. But these stores offer excellent customer experiences and a vast inventory of .308 rounds. Check any of these suppliers to find small, large, and special orders of 308 ammunition when you need them.

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