If you're enthusiastic about guns, whether, for professional or recreational use, you know how vital a holographic sight is. It provides a clearer vision of objects in the distance. It allows for faster acquisition by preventing your eye from focusing on a red dot versus concentrating on the target.

The market has witnessed an influx of several types of holographic sights. Finding the best one is no easy feat, considering each has different capabilities. This review looks at the EOTECH 512 holographic sight, a product from EOTECH.  

Many gun devotees rank the EOTECH 512 holographic sight as the best, as it has a lot to offer. It has a very high level of accuracy and provides laser light transmission. The laser light helps illuminate more complicated reticles than any red dotted optic.

You may have tried different holographic sight models without much success. Continue reading to see why this holographic sight qualifies as every professional's priority.

Main Features

  • The holographic sight comes with 1x magnification
  • Has limitless eye relief ability
  • The optics are parallax free
  • Designed to resist weather elements including fog, water, and shock
  • Provides 20 different levels of brightness adjustment
  • It comes with a durable aluminum body and is lightweight
  • An excellent choice for skilled hunters and professionals in the armed forces
  • Has an anti-glare coating display window
  • The battery provides 500 continuous hours of power
  • The field view extends to about 30 yards
  • The front window is made of 1/8 inches solid glass
  • Has an automatic shutdown system

EOTECH 512 Holographic Sight Review

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight amazon.com Check price

EOTECH 512.A65 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68 MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
Mount - Compatible with both 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails
Adjustable Brightness - The 512 has 20 brightne...

The EOTECH 512 holographic sight is not your average sight, and its features effortlessly prove this. The features are built for high-quality service, making it an excellent choice for professional shooters.

High-Quality Design

The construction of this model is not only durable but robust and substantial. The design takes into account various factors that can compromise its durability. The design is well streamlined to stay out of your view's way. Unfortunately, the sight is a little too long, making it a bit unsuitable for some setups.

Overall, it's a compact and lightweight unit, all factors considered. The buttons are nice and respond very fast for a satisfying performance. They're all rear-facing, which makes it quite some work to use them. With continued use, it shouldn't be much of a problem to use the buttons.

You will also appreciate that the design doesn't cause any light emission on the muzzle side. It obscures the bright dot that might giveaway of your position from the target's view.

Overall, the build is such that the sight can last through the most challenging conditions without scratches or dents. Despite being made from solid materials, the unit is very lightweight and will not overpower you while in use. This allows you to experience rock-solid performance without the weight challenges.

Accurate Field View

Without a proper field view, it is almost impossible to have a high accuracy level in your shots. Therefore, the field view is a crucial component in every holographic scope, which the EOTECH sight generously provides. It has 30 yards of field view for clarity of images.

On its downside, the sight doesn't have a night vision mode, and might not be useful in the dark. However, it caters to this by offering 20 different levels of brightness adjustment. You can adjust the most appropriate brightness level in low-light conditions.

High-Precision Reticle

As a professionally-designed holographic sight, EOTECH 512 comes with an A65 reticle. This comprises an IMOA aiming dot enclosed in a 65MOA outer circle dot. This particular reticle is a recommendable choice for both short and long ranges as the IMOA aiming dot provides a higher precision view on the target.

This precision is only possible through the laser-transmitted multidimensional image of the reticle. It moves to the back of the eye through focal point progression. Ultimately, you get a magnificent view of the target.

Note that the sight works best with both eyes opened, which imposes the reticle over your vision. For some ranges, you have to fill the 68 IMOA outer circle of the reticle. The rounds will tend to hit off target, but the shot placement will hardly be off.

No Parallax Error

Parallax error is a common occurrence to hunters. The phenomenon causes the target to shift from its actual position when seen through a holographic sight. Unfortunately, many shooters misunderstand the concept as they think it is all about bringing the reticle into focus.

Parallax occurs when the reticle and target are on different planes but within the scope. You can detect it when you move your eye or head around as you look through the scope. The reticle seems to move or swim around the target, causing the scope to be off-target.

Depending on your eye's alignment with the optic, this error can lead to missed shots, which is disappointing. Both the reticle and target must stay on the same focal plane.

With EOTECH 512 holographic sight, this error hardly happens as the optical unit is designed to free of the error. It comes with a parallax adjustment feature where you can adjust the scope to infinity. Aim your rifle at a target, obtain a clear view through the optic, and adjust the reticle for more clarity. This means that the chances of missing your target are low. You will also enjoy a detailed view with a 1x magnification level.

High Battery Capacity

The unit comes with batteries that have an amazing battery life of about 500 hours. This means that it'll take quite some time before you consider buying another pair. The 1.5-volt  AA batteries are readily available in all regions.

The commonality of the power source is something that many users of the sight appreciate worldwide. You'll also enjoy the auto shut off system that prevents the batteries' consumption when not in use. The holographic sight shuts itself off in case you leave it on for some time. Ensure you program the unit for automatic shutdown to achieve this effect.

Unique Design of the Optic

The optical features of a holographic sight have to be perfect for an accurate shot. One outstanding quality of this unit's optical design is the shatterproof glass. It's located near the rear display, away from way's harm in case of any shock or pressure.

Additionally, the optic is a combination of different technologies that enhance its versatility. The optic can resist water interference for up to 10 feet underwater. It also has a shock-resistant unit that protects it from damage even in the middle of an apocalypse.

The scope is fog-proof, a factor that allows the lens to remain clear for the perfect view. It can work well in areas with temperatures between -40 and 140 Fahrenheit. All these factors are strong proof that this weapon sight has a unique design.

Unlimited Eye Relief

One of the very crucial concerns of every shooter is to have eye safety while using their weapons. The EOTECH 512 holographic sight provides unlimited eye relief. You can confidently use your gun without overthinking about knockback injuries.

Great Display

An outstanding feature of the EOTECH holographic sight is displaying an accurate heads-up display for greater situational awareness. It's compatible with a variety of weapons, as it's not limited to carbines. Its versatility allows it to be mounted on bolt guns, crossbows, and small-caliber machine guns.

The HUD utilizes a laser to illuminate the red dot pattern on the sight. With this feature, you can sight your target with more accuracy regardless of your eye's positioning to the display. For a highly adaptive sighting, consider using the EOTECH sight that delivers this with precision when shooting.

Ideal Size

The EOTECH sight is a lightweight unit with a thin box that acts as the housing. The box almost disappears when the sight is in use so that it's easy for you to ignore it when looking towards your target.

The sight's dimensions are 5.6" by 2.0" by 2.25" or 143 by 51 by 64mm. Overall, it weighs a mere 11.5 ounces or 325 grams, making it easy to handle and use.

Final Thoughts

The EOTECH 512 holographic sight is one of the best on the market. It delivers a military-grade shooting experience for enthusiastic shooters. In your hands, the overall unit feels lightweight, compact, and perfect for close-combat situations.

It comes with a variety of great features to allow you to have the best shooting experience. The changing brightness level, durability features, parallax error-free capabilities, long-lasting batteries, and unlimited eye relief are just a few of the many features.

On the downside, many users feel the battery could be a lot better but the fact that you can use two standard AA batteries is a relief. It also lacks night vision, but the adjustable brightness level compensates for this a little bit. Overall, the benefits of this holographic sight far outweigh the disadvantages. You have a lot to gain from this sight model than most others within its price range.

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