It is no surprise that ammunition continues to be scarce across the country, especially with recent political changes and global uncertainty. In fact, gun retailers reported a 95% increase in firearm purchases and a whopping 139% increase in ammo sales compared to the previous year's sales. As a result, it has been a hectic time for gun and ammunition store owners, as they had to deal with high demand, low supply, and the task of ensuring their customers remain happy and get what they want. And even though supply may have picked up in response to dwindling stock, it does not mean that every store has the ammunition you may require. 

For these reasons, if you are on the hunt for the best places to buy cheap, high-quality .223 ammo, then look no further. With the guide below, we have provided you with the best locations you need to check out for the supplies you want. However, don't delay. Ammunition products are going fast, no matter where you look. Check out these stores quickly to find exactly what you need. 

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OpticsPlanet Visit site

OpticsPlanet is an online retailer of hunting, shooting, law enforcement, and laboratory equipment. For over 20 years, it has provided its customers with a wide selection of products for all of their tactical and outdoor needs. Whether you need ammunition, outdoor or hunting gear, shooting accessories, optics, or exclusive products, their team can ensure that you find what you need at excellent prices. 

Since they are one of the largest gun and online ammunition stores worldwide, their customer service team has the expertise needed to help you find the perfect product and provide answers to all the technical questions you have. To make things even easier, they provide  "how-to-guides," which are complete with diagrams, videos, and photographs that allow you to find information you won't find anywhere else. 

Better yet, when it comes to their .223 ammo, they have various brands to choose from, with solid prices and customer reviews that can help anyone in their search for the perfect ammo. 


Brownell's Visit site

No matter if you work with guns, like to shoot guns, or just own a gun, Brownells is the place for you. For over 75 years, the store has helped professional gunsmiths, shooters, law enforcement armorers, and hobbyists find the supplies, guns, and parts they need. Once you take a look at their inventory, you will find over 90,000 products to help you repair, maintain, or upgrade your firearms.

Best of all, their products are not only high-quality, but they are backed with the industry's strongest guarantee. What does this mean? They are guaranteed forever, and if you buy a product from them and decide you do not like it or want it, they will take it back at any time, with very few exceptions.

That is why if you are looking for the perfect .223 ammo for every application, then look no further because Brownells has it all.  

Gorilla Ammunition

Gorilla Ammunition
Gorilla Ammunition Visit site

When you turn to Gorilla Ammunition for your .223 ammo, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that has gone through hours of stringent quality control to ensure it meets your high standard of performance. At Gorilla Ammunition, their motto is- if it's worth doing, then it's worth doing right. This means they put effort, resources, and time into each of their products to make sure their customers receive the most reliable and innovative product on the market. 

Gorilla Ammunition is one of the few ammunition manufacturing companies that have their own ballistics laboratory in-house. This laboratory is equipped with an Oehler 85 Acoustical velocity and targeting system, as well as pressure sensors, ensuring that product quality assurance is met every step of the way from start to finish. Consequently, their ammo is inspected with advanced technology and reviewed by employees who care that you receive the product you envisioned, wanted, and expected. Visit site

At, not only can you buy all the firearms you need, but the store also provides you with all the different types of ammo required for those guns. For instance, their .223 ammo comes from top-selling manufacturers, including Winchester, Remington, Hornady, and others. As a result, no matter if you are looking for bullets for your target shooting or game hunting, their wide selection of rounds can fulfill all of your ammunition needs. 

Plus, if you are looking to stock up on ammo by purchasing in bulk or just looking for a single box, makes it easy to buy the .223 ammo you need online, especially with their knowledgeable staff that can help answer any questions you have. Visit site is passionate about its customers and freedom. They want to make sure they can provide their consumers with excellent services and get them the cheapest ammo online as they can. That is why when you purchase ammunition online from, you can rest assured that the process will be easy and secure. This is especially true since their system allows customers to easily search for bullets by caliber or manufacturer and browse countless inventory, no matter if it is imported or made in the United States. Plus, they will show you the exact quantity they have on hand. That means no guessing, no promises that they can't keep, and no back-orders. 

Additionally, when you purchase their ammo or other goods by a certain time, they will make sure to ship your products the same day. Otherwise, they will go out the next business day. However, if you have any questions, all you need to do is give their store a call and speak to a live person. They can make sure to answer your concerns and resolve any problems that you have quickly.

Lucky Gunner

Lucky Gunner
Lucky Gunner Visit site

When customer's shop at Lucky Gunner, they know they will get cheap ammo that is in stock and ready to ship. They also know that if they need to buy a lot of ammunition, Lucky Gunner carries bulk ammo in all kinds of calibers to help them save money in the process. 

That is why the store has become a must-stop for those searching for specific types of rounds, as the store gets pallets almost every day.

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory

If you are looking for bulk ammo, Palmetto State Armory is a place you need to check out. Quite often, the store has the lowest prices for the most popular types of calibers, including .223 ammo, and in some instances may even offer free shipping on cases. 

According to the Palmetto State Armory’s about page, they focus on providing the best quality parts and accessories at the best price possible. They also claim that despite year after year of exponential growth, their vision and core principle remains the same- “sell as many guns and to as many law-abiding Americans as possible.”

Plus, when you purchase your ammo or firearms from Palmetto State Armory, you will be covered by an industry-leading 100% lifetime warranty that extends beyond the original purchaser. This is because they want to make sure every client who buys a product from them not only receives quality goods and excellent prices but also the comfort of knowing that no matter what, their purchases can be fixed at no additional cost to them. 

Primary Arms 

Primary Arms 
Primary Arms  Visit site

When it comes to Primary Arms, you need to understand that their mission is to provide their customers with the best shopping experience possible. Meaning they want to offer you quality products, a wide assortment of merchandise, and top-notch quality customer service at affordable prices. 

That is why when you shop at Primary Arms, you will get a store that includes a broad selection of ammunition and firearms, with customer services that can field any difficult question you need help with. Today, their business is built on the foundation of competitive pricing and fast shipping, which hopes to provide their client's the best value while applying their passion for firearms to every order. 

However, their stock often sells out fast. As a result, perseverance is critical, and you want to make sure you check back often when searching for high-quality .223 ammo. 

Stop Waiting and Start Buying

You probably already know that .223 ammo is one of the most popular ammunition among shooters in the country today. Often paired with an AR-15 rifle, these cartridges provide their users with relatively low recoil and fast velocity, making it an instant favorite. 

That is why, no matter if you are looking to do some shooting at the range or in a competition, or hunt heavier predators with more accuracy,  the .223 ammo is a must-buy. However, because of its reputation, it won't stick around for long. This ammunition is flying off the shelves fast, so you will want to check the stores we have mentioned to ensure you get all the .223 rounds you need.

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