Sootch Fun Gun Reviews is a terrific Youtube channel, worth subscribing to for great reviews on guns and smithing.

You get a sense of their values with this fine quotation at their site:

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Benjamin Rush, 1800

Don at Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews kindly reviewed ROBAR’s work on a very worn Sig P232.

Don wrote:

I want to say thanks for an incredible job with the Sig P232. It has really given it new life.

That is our goal for every pistol, rifle, revolver, or shotgun sent to ROBAR — to give it “new life” and durability.


“Now, while I don’t baby my guns, it’s really a shame when a little SIG Sauer P232 looks like this. I bought this used, and it was pretty rough when I got it . And because of that, I’m going to send this to ROBAR and have them do one of their NP3 finishes on it.”


“And here we see ROBAR doing their magic again. I mean they…this looks like a brand new pistol. And with all the scratches and everything, honestly I didn’t know how they would get rid of those without actually having to refinish and take some of that out. The engraving is very crisp, the finish is impeccable. It looks like I just pulled this out of the box, a brand new gun. And this gun…I’ve owned this gun for at least ten years…or eleven years.

So this has just really brought new life to this pistol. And the one thing about the ROBAR finish is — the NP3 nickel finish — gives it lubricity on top of that.”

Thanks Don at Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews for entrusting us with your SIG Sauer, and for the wonderful video review.

Semper Vinco.

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