The shooting community, especially those in the firearms training business, demand reliability and durability in their weapons systems. The bar is often set high for any aftermarket customizations.

But, if a company, say ROBAR, meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations, we’ve made a loyal friend and customer who will talk about it.

Our friend, Jerry Ziegner, created this video to showcase a Browning Hi Power before and after Robar.

Watch the video that almost has us blushing as Jerry gushes.

“Robar was one of the first companies to ever take, say, the Glock™ pistol, and offer grip modifications, grip reductions, extended beavertails.”

“They were one of the first companies to start doing firearms refinishes. Such as NP3, Roguard, some of the most durable, most premium firearms finishes on the planet. Robar is known synonymously with their high-quality, custom gun-smithing and we’re getting ready to send this Browning off for a complete overhaul.”

Thanks Jerry for the superb recommendation and for trusting us with your BHP!

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