Robar frequently receives feedback from Robar partners (Robar clientele are not “customers”), most of whom either are, or become, great friends. And occasionally we request permission to reprint their words detailing their experience with Robar.

One such friend is M. Frederick. M. has an interesting background:

Attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science.

Completed ROTC at the University of Pennsylvania. (the majority of the cadre were SF)

Taught weapons, tactics, leadership, patrolling, honor, duty, weapons, integrity, weapons. Did I mention weapons? I was commissioned a 2nd Lt in the Medical Service Corps, USARMY, 1982. Specialty was Pharmacy Officer/Field Medical Officer.

Served as the Ammo/weapons/safety officer at the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital. We had about 600 to 700 personnel we had to get qualified once a year. Retired from the Army as a Captain.

After I got out of Army, I shot IPSC for many years. I set up and administered the courses. I was a founding member of the National Tactical Invitational and am a graduate of the Federal LE Training Center, Glenco GA.

I went into the Public Health Service 1999 and chose Bureau of Prisons. I was Chief of Pharmacy at Allentown Federal Prison Camp. My rank was 04/Lt.Commander.

I have two honorable discharges. I am a proud disabled American Veteran. Also long time member Intl. Assoc. LE Firearms Instructors. I taught judicious use of lethal force. I am a associate of Defense Training International.

NRA rifle, pistol, shotgun. Life Member. Gunsite twice, Chapman Academy,
Lethal Force Institute shotgun.

In other words, Frederick knows firearms.

He wrote concerning Robar refinishing and smithing:

This will make about 18 weapons I believe that you have done for me. I am 200% satisfied.

Please feel free to use me as a reference ANYTIME.

Just think, you did a Beretta, FOUR Glock 19’s, two SW6906, FIVE PTR platforms, THREE Fulton Armory AR’s, and a Bushmaster.

You totally resurrected the Beretta Centurion. It has many many miles on it. You worked a wonder on the Canadian Mounted Police S&W.

We run the AR’s just about dry. I only put a dab of Tetra gun grease on critical bcg areas
and do not even lube recoil spring. Things run.

He was so enthusiastic that he wrote me more:

You can use my testimonials for anything. You can also give ANYONE my number who has any questions. I can fill them in on durability, the way NP3 guns can run totally dry, and other Robar processes and especially customer service.

I also can justify the price of your work. You have to pay for competent gunsmith work. Otherwise you are liable for any issue that causes injury. It is vitally important you “vet” your gunsmith to avoid dealing with someone who is just a parts changer.

Robar is top notch because their gunsmiths make an effort to get to know you. They will call as many times as they must to make sure they get your weapon just right. Maybe you can also say that I am quick to say that even with my experience I have a lot to learn and really only know which end the bullet comes out of. I believe “everyman is my better in that I can learn from them”. The folks at Robar have taught me a lot!

When you find a gunsmith such as API, Novaks, Robar, you need to hold them in the palm of your hand. Robar shop rate is dirt cheap. I know you pay your smiths top dollar. You have to to keep great help.

I think it is just good business to actually recommend that potential customers contact former and current customers. This is especially true for repeats such as myself. No person who is a true operator (such as DTI and IALEFI members) would re-visit a smithy they were not 200% confident in. I am trusting you with my LIFE.

After all, Robar does not cater to toy owners. Anyone looking for the huge advantages of NP3 and other coatings is a serious individual, not a sportsmen. My firearms are first, WEAPONS.

I carry and use all of the weapons you have ENHANCED.

I imagine I am unique (as a non-dealer) in the number and variety of weapons you have enhanced.

Let us see: Beretta, S&W, Fulton, PTR, Glock. I probably missed a few. I can speak to owners interested in having each type processed.

I am also a weapons/small arms specialist and can speak at length about the characteristics, +/-, capabilities, use of many weapon platforms.

M. Frederick, on behalf of Robar, I thank-you for your willingness to testify to the work we do: Robar strives for excellence, every smith working meticulously to transform your firearm into a pistol/rifle/shotgun that exceeds your expectations, both visually and, more importantly, operationally.

We are over the top pleased that a weapons specialist such as Frederick would go the extra mile to tout Robar’s finishes and gunsmithing. We hope to always go above and beyond for you, Fred, and for each and every partner.

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