Bo Sabrowsky contacted ROBAR GM Freddie Blish with his assessment of the Robar Glockkraft Trigger.

But first, a little history on his pistol will frame his feedback: his is a very special, customized Glock™.

Bo recounts:

My gun started out life as a Glock 19, Gen 3 with a manufacture date in late 2012. It was purchased new and unfired (except for the test round included in the box).

It went straight from the gun store directly to David Bowie at Bowie Tactical Concepts in West Union, Ohio with instructions to convert it into a Bowie Signature Glock. I had the opportunity to extensively use one of David’s personal signature Glocks while being trained by him at one of my many classes at the Tactical Defense Institute, and after shooting it, I knew exactly what I wanted.

The Signature Package includes: front & rear slide contour, radiused ejection port, slide refinished in Cerakote, feed ramp & chamber polish, trigger job with hand-fitted Ghost Rocket 3.5 pound connector, finger grooves removed, grip reduction with 360 degree stippling (including stippling of rear thumb indentations), magazine well cutouts, enlarged magazine well opening, custom fitted grip plug, rounded trigger guard with ¾ stippling and rear trigger guard radius, stippled forward thumb pads, radiused slide stop and scalloped magazine release.

The slide lock is a Ghost Bullet Forward version (a Dave Spaulding improvement on the original Ghost Bullet Slide Lock). The slide was also milled to accept a Leupold Deltapoint RMR, and milled to accept a suppressor-height iron sight forward of the Deltapoint. The front sight is also suppressor height – front & rear sights are both flat black with no inserts or dots.

The trigger spring is a Ghost 6# spring, the striker spring is a Ghost 6# spring, and the plunger safety spring is a reduced weight Ghost spring. The striker spring assembly also utilizes the Ghost maritime spring cups. My new Robar Flat Trigger & NP3 trigger bar are currently being used in conjunction with the Ghost Rocket 3.5 pound connector, and it feels really good.

I also have a Ghost Edge 3.5 pound connector that I’m going to try after I shoot enough rounds (1,000 rounds give or take) with the Rocket connector.

Obviously, Sabrowsky would not make further modifications without some assurance of a good outcome — he’s invested too much into perfecting this firearm for him and his shooting.

We heard back from him concerning the Glockkraft Flat Face Trigger with NP3 Glock™ Trigger Bar:

Just a quick update on your Robar Glockkraft Trigger. Got it on Friday as promised, installed it (easy installation, by the way) and shot approx. 200 rounds on Friday evening and during the class I was teaching on Saturday.

I am extremely pleased with the results. The flat trigger face in combination with the NP3 treatment on the OEM trigger bar makes for very smooth, reduced & predictable pre-travel and shot break. I’m very glad I made the switch.

Well, Robar is extremely pleased that Bo is extremely pleased.

Bo also mentioned:

Quite honestly, if I was going to begin this process today (and I wish I was), I would send you guys a new G19, place my order for a Tricon Pro-Carry Mod 2, add your new flat trigger & NP3 trigger bar, and call it a day! While I’m relatively happy with my Bowie Glock, the downside is that it took 10 months (that’s right, I said 10 months) to get the gun back from Bowie, it has a Cerakoted Slide, AND THE ONLY THING ON IT THAT HAS THE NP3 TREATMENT IS YOUR TRIGGER BAR!!!!

Robar has all the bases covered, and your reputation for quality is unsurpassed. I’m happy to have at least one of your products in my gun.

Thank-you Bo for your feedback and confidence in Robar’s quality and service. Our goal is absolute excellence in all we do, and your great satisfaction justifies our efforts toward that end.

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