ROBAR receives daily feedback from customers, some more effusive, some more succinct. But none quite as enthusiastic nor as detailed as this missive from Jonathan concerning his Benelli M4.

Trust me, this email made us all smile: there is nothing as rewarding as the high praise of a discerning customer who recognizes the high standards of ROBAR smithing, finishing, and service.

Jonathan wrote:

I apologize for not having written back sooner with comments on this magnificent build after delivery. I needed some time to put all my thoughts in the proper perspective, and I believe I am now finally positioned to do so:

  • I have been actively involved in the shooting sports since June of 1990 (26 years).
  • I have tried to read everything on the news stand related to firearms at Barnes & Noble each month since June of 1990, which takes about 5-6 hours each month. In the dark days before the internet and email, this was how serious students of the shooting sports educated themselves about the firearms industry.
    (Incidentally, the first time I learned of Robar was in November of 1993 reading an article in “Soldier of Fortune” where Peter G. Kokalis reviewed a Heckler & Koch MP5K refinished in Robar Roguard, which he described as “better than factory new.”)
  • I have tried to attend about 3-4 exhibition hall gun shows every year since 1990, spending four hours or more to walk the entire stadium, take detailed notes, and speak to the vendors.
  • I have been a member on since May of 2000 and a member of since May of 2009. Searching Gunbroker with the search terms “Benelli M4” and “Remington (insert whatever model)” will really teach someone a lot.
  • I read through the entire “shotgun picture threads” on,, and, which took me about 12-16 hours for each website, and could not be completed in one day for any of them.

And after all of that (drumroll please) the Benelli M4 which you sent back was unsurpassed by any other shotgun I ever encountered or saw during the past 26 years (a remarkable accomplishment given that I have seen literally thousands of shotguns, including many impressive and expensive custom builds set up for competition and/or tactical use.)

Michelle said on the telephone that the Benelli specialist’s name was “Darren” (I think.) Please kindly share this message with him, please tell him that in the course of thousands of hours over the period of 26 years spent researching the sport and science of shooting, the Benelli shotgun which he did for me was the very best one I ever came across either in person, on the internet, or in a printed publication. I would never, ever re-sell this Robar Benelli M4 in my lifetime, period, and may very well end up purchasing a second Benelli M4 to have the exact same thing done.

From start to finish, I could not have been happier or more pleased with the way this project turned out. As mentioned previously to Freddie, the Robar Roguard really stands out as a markedly superior finish over the factory Benelli finish, which is itself a very good finish. The reality is that all of these Tier-1 manufacturers (Benelli, LMT, H&K, Sig, etc) cannot afford to give the consumer a finish like the Robar Roguard, because it will add too much extra cost to a weapon that for many is already cost-prohibitive. For the discerning collector and enthusiast who demands the best and knows the difference, the Roguard refinish (or Polymax, or Poly T2 refinish) with the NP3 Plus internals is definitely worth saving for. I could never go back to the factory Benelli finish after this project.

I have provided well-deserved 5-star plus feedback comments to both the Robar Google reviews and the Robar Facebook page. I wish I could have entered 50 stars much less only five. You two keep up the excellent work, and I look forward to our next exciting collaboration soon!

Thanks again and best regards,


P.S. To Freddie – always remember what I said to you on the telephone: “Some people will complain if their ice-cream is cold.” It’s not you, it’s them. Trust me. You guys run the finest custom weapons build shop anywhere in the world. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

Wow. We thank you, Jonathan, for your trust and for your words of praise. All of us take this to heart and the satisfaction those words brings is priceless.

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