Jack writes:

I want to thank everyone who worked on my BHP especially the BHP Princess.

I got the BHP today.

Just truly awesome work. The stipple work is fantastic.

This BHP has the best trigger job I have ever felt. The beaver tail looks and feels great. I suffer from slide bite. It looks like the BHP beaver tail came out of the Browning factory.

This is the best option on the BHP if you suffer from slide bite. The work is flawless.

Freddie [Robar GM Freddie Blish LtCol USMC (Ret)] knows how picky I am.

Robar knocked this one out of the park. Your customer service is the best in the business.

Freddie, you have some great people working for you. The custom work is out of this world. It can be a Glock or a BHP and you guys do some of the best work in the business.


AND from Jack’s “Thank-you” email:

When I opened the box I could not believe what my BHP looked like. I said to myself “what the f***!” This is the most bad ass pistol I have ever seen. Your girl did a spectacular job on the BHP.

I was going to originally buy a Night Hawk 1911. I’m so glad I didn’t! This BHP looks better than the Night Hawk I was going to get.

I can’t believe the Beavertail what a great job! The stipple work looks great especially the stipple on top of the slide.

Now on to the trigger.

I have felt a lot of custom trigger work. My friend was a custom gunsmith down here. He’s no longer down here but the trigger work is great. I can’t feel any creep in the trigger. It has a very nice clean break.

The magazine that you NP3 ed looks great. Strange to really like a magazine but in NP3 it looks very cool. This BHP could be on the front page of any gun magazine.

This is by far the best work I have seen from you guys and you guys always take care of me.


I’m extremely happy. I can’t wait to run some rounds through it and show it off at the gun range and get my first scratch on it. LOL!

Thank you for the two books. That was very cool.

Again thanks  for all the great customer service I have received . This BHP is worth every penny I spent.

Please tell the BHP Princess she did a great job!

I now have a new off duty pistol and training pistol I’ll be using at some shooting schools.

GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

Your guys knocked this one out of the park.


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