Accuracy at long ranges is what precision rifles, also known as sniper rifles, are all about.

Precision rifles have a storied tradition.

In 1854 Sir Joseph Whitworth, a British engineer, patented the Whitworth rifle, which employed hexagonal twisted barrels rather than straight barrels. The rifle out-performed the previously preferred Enfield rifle.

In 1860, Queen Victoria fired the first shot at the British National Rifle Association at Wimbledon from a Whitworth rifle on a machine rest at 400 yards, and struck the bull’s-eye 1-1/4 inches from its center.

The Whitworth Rifle

During the Vietnam War, famous USMC sniper, Chuck Mawhinney (Mawhinney had 103 confirmed kills, more than any other Marine, along with another 216 “probables.”), preferred the M40, a modified Remington 40X bolt-action in 7.62×51 mm NATO with a Redfield 3-9X Accu-Range scope.

Speaking with Chuck last year, he confirmed that he still loved that rifle.

M40, a modified Remington 40X bolt-action in 7.62×51 mm NATO

As is the case with any firearm, the intended use governs the exact specs of the gun. Military sniper rifles want very good accuracy at longer ranges; law enforcement precision rifles must have greater accuracy at lesser ranges.

The rifle’s accuracy is measured in MOA (Minute of Angle): “…under ideal conditions i.e. no wind, match-grade ammo, clean barrel, and a vise or a benchrest used to eliminate shooter error, the gun is capable of producing a group of shots whose center points (center-to-center) fit into a circle.”

The United States Special Operations Command calls for “1 MOA extreme vertical spread for all shots in a 10-round group fired at targets at 300, 600, 900, 1,200 and 1,500 meters.” A police sniper rifle typically calls for 0.25-1.5 MOA accuracy.

In the never ending pursuit of excellence, ROBAR has introduced the SR21 precision rifle (Sniper Rifle 21st Century), taking accuracy and functionality into the 21st century.

The modular chassis system of the SR21 mated with an accurized Remington 700 action and match grade barrel makes for the ultimate precision rife.

This rifle’s modularity makes mounting day optic, night vision, thermal optics, lights, lasers, range finders, levels, and bipods extremely easy. Built at the country’s premier custom gunsmith shop, this rifle comes with ROBAR’s® legendary 0.5 MOA or better accuracy guarantee (with appropriate ammo).

Catch that? ROBAR’s® legendary 0.5 MOA or better accuracy!

ROBAR GM Freddie Blish ( LtCol USMC Ret.) mentions some unique attributes of the SR21:

“…it is a modular rifle system for precision rifles. We use the modular driven technologies, tact 21 receiver with a Remington 700 action, both long and short actions. And we can also do the Savage short actions as well.

It has our proprietary coatings, our Poly T2 and our NP3. What’s really neat about this is that it’s a monolithic chassis system, with a 20 minute of angle slope rail so that you can now run your night optic with your day optic, and your point of aim point of impact shift will be negligible.

Some of the unique features about this [SR21] is that it has the ability to remove the stock…so you can break the stock down and that allows for storage in smaller spaces as well as when you need to take the rifle apart for maintenance or cleaning.”

The SR21 comes in a .308, .300 Win Mag and a .338 Lapua.

Considering what the SR21 offers, thoughts from a veteran sniper:

“The days of buying precision rifles that lack the ability to reconfigure it for a variety of missions are over. The modern battlefield is constantly changing and your rifle needs to adapt with you to survive.

I also insist on sub ½ MOA accuracy: I can teach students to shoot ½ MOA groups, but they need a gun that can do the same.”

~ Chris Sajnog: Retired Navy SEAL and Lead Sniper Instructor; Bestselling author and owner of Center Mass Group, LLC – Firearms and Tactical Training. (A service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business)

If only Sir Joseph Whitworth and Queen Victoria could see and fire this beauty…they would be awestruck.

Once again, ROBAR presents a praise-worthy weapon that may, not only meet your sniper rifle basic requirements, but also your wildest dreams for rounds on target accuracy.

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