Ask any shooter/instructor what they are looking for in a firearms finish overall, and the consistent answer is durability.

ROBAR offers a number of finishes: Black Oxide (commonly called ‘blueing’), Polymax camouflage (available in Woodland, Urban and Desert — 3 or 5 color — patterns), NP3® PLUS (up to ten times more corrosion resistance than regular electroless nickel), and more.

Of course the finish may vary depending on the firearm and use.

Quoting a good friend and shooter:

Hunting rifles and shotguns might be perfectly fine with glossy wood and polished blue steel.

Waterfowl hunters need finishes that are impervious to wet weather.

Modern sporting rifles need abrasion resistance and sometimes camouflage.

Go to any gun forum and the debates rage on concerning “the best finish,” whether for a hand gun or rifle. But after specifying the gun and its intended use, the descriptive “durable” crops up again and again.

Enter Roguard.

Roguard is a molybdenum-disulfide based polymer finish specifically designed to provide lubricity and corrosion protection for metal components exposed to harsh environments.

What is molybdenum-disulfide based polymer?

Molybdenum disulfide is the inorganic compound with the formula MoS2.

It is a silvery black solid that occurs as the mineral molybdenite, the principal ore for molybdenum.[1] MoS2 is relatively unreactive.

It is unaffected by dilute acids and oxygen. In appearance and feel, molybdenum disulfide is similar to graphite. It is widely used as a solid lubricant because of its low friction properties and robustness.

Two of those modifiers are of particular importance: “relatively unreactive” and “low friction properties and robustness.”

That’s what the firearms owner wants in a finish — a finish that will not react and wear when exposed to the elements, a finish that is robust.

Add to that highly unreactive quality and durability, Roguard is available in a satin finish or a minimally reflective matte finish, resulting in a fine-looking firearm.

Before / After picture of a Remington 870 with Roguard externals & NP3® internals

How durable is Roguard?

Roguard provides the lubrication and corrosion protection necessary to meet U.S. Military Machine Gun Dry Firing Requirements after 60 days sea water immersion or 1000 hours salt spray MIL-STD-TEST.

Roguard is twice as hard, twice as corrosion-resistant as Polymax.

Polymax is chemical resistant, water resistant, has excellent adhesion, mar and abrasion resistance, excellent hardness, and great impact resistance. And Roguard is twice as hard.

Roguard has been tested in both the lab and in the field. And can be applied to a handgun, rifle or shotgun, yielding a fine-looking firearm with a robust and durable finish. So durable, in fact, that ROBAR offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Roguard is simply the best. The black firearms finish that will go the distance.

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How much to Roguard a 1911 slide? No finish on it now. Shipping cost? Turn around time?