The genesis of NP3 is based in a problem solving event involving the oil industry. The connectors on the hoses used to pump oil from the rigs to the barges were made out of stainless steel. The stainless steel on  stainless steel mating connectors caused galling to occur. Galling is most commonly found in metal surfaces that are in sliding contact with each other. It is especially common where there is inadequate lubrication between the surfaces. The other side of the equation is the sea water that the connectors would be exposed to. This ruled out any finish that could not handle the harsh environment and corrosive salt water.

The solution to this problem came in part from Dr. Paul Ebdon who co-developed NP3, an electroless nickel/PTFE (Teflon®) composite coating. By developing a system to make an inert PTFE particle co-deposit with a nickel particle, he developed a dry lubricating, corrosion resistant, non galling finish. Seeing the benefits of this new technology, ROBAR’s owner Robbie Barrkman brought Dr. Paul Ebdon, the co-developer of NP3 to the United States. This relationship gave ROBAR an unparalleled lead in the technology of nickel PTFE composites, a lead that ROBAR proudly continues to this day.

From aerospace to firearms, from manufacturing to automation, from commercial to the military, NP3 has become the solution to specific technical problems and the gateway to new technology development. To learn more about the benefits of NP3 see the page titled NP3 under firearm finishes.

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