According to an article by the number of people being arrested  for trying to illegally purchase a gun at gun shows is up in Virginia. Last year there were a total of 47 arrests made when people tried to buy a gun at a gun show legally. In the first half of this year the number is up to 39.

Why do you think this is? Are the police are enforcing the back ground check law more strictly?

According to the article, “State police say they have not changed how they enforce the laws this year, and don’t know why more people are being arrested.” The actual percent of those being arrested went from .09% last year to .15% for the first half of 2013. That is more than a 50% increase from last year.

Because the police say they are not enforcing the law any differently, we can start to look at what changed from last year to this year and what may have caused this jump in arrests. Is the increase because the President and Vice President constantly harp about a “gun show loop hole” that doesn’t exist? Is this causing criminals to think they can buy guns at gun shows without a background check, thus leading to their arrest?

We are wondering if this is a trend across the rest of the country?

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