The Tri-Fit  NEW!

Completely change your Glock’s grip angle in less than 60 seconds. This kit includes 3 inserts: 1911 style, Sig style, and Original.

This is available on Generation 1, 2, 3; on models: 17, 22, 35, 34, 19, 23, 26, and 27. It is not currently offered on any of the Generation 4 Glocks.Installation is a snap as these inserts are held in by already existing housing pin and easily removed with a pin punch for rapid interchangeability. Your Glock will be modified for installation of all 3 inserts. This revolutionary design is available exclusively through Robar.

Our introductory price of $129 includes the modification of the grip and all 3 panels. Available in black only.

Please note: This is in addition to our current Glock modifications.

Frontstrap Reduction

The Frontstrap Reduction is an adjunct to our Backstrap Reduction but may also be ordered by itself when only a small amount of grip reduction is desired. We remove material from between the finger grooves, or remove the finger grooves entirely, and texture the resulting area in our ‘Medium’ grit texture.

For the maximum amount of grip reduction possible select both the Backstrap Reduction and the Frontstrap Reduction, preferably without the finger grooves as in the picture below.

Backstrap Reduction

Robar’s Backstrap Reduction is the most popular grip reduction offered and usually is sufficient enough of a reduction for 85% of people. We remove the hollow palm swell on the backstrap, fill the area, smooth it over and texture the back and sides in our ‘medium’ grit texture. The result is a straight grip angle and a smaller, more manageable grip size. If you shoot high with a conventional Glock grip you will right on target after the reduction.

Texture is not applied to the frontstrap as part of the backstrap reduction but may be optionally requested if desired. Texturing the frontstrap does not reduce the size – if you want more reduction then select our ‘Frontstrap Reduction’. Our texture may also be specified as ‘Light’ if you prefer a finer grit similar to the original Glock texture, or ‘Heavy’ if you need maximum grip for damp and wet working environments.

Grip Texture Only

If you don’t require any grip reduction but would prefer a more aggressive texture, select our Grip Texture service. We texture the entire grip with our ‘Medium’ grit texture, also available in our ‘Light’ and ‘Heavy’ grits to suit your personal requirements. Texture can also be selectively applied to specific areas of the grip as required. Typically we leave the Glock logo and part number panels intact but these too may be covered if so desired – just be sure to request that when ordering. Similarly, matching texture can also be applied to magazine base pads and magazine spacers.

High Grip Modification

We remove material from the bottom of the trigger guard at the point where it joins the frontstrap. This allows you to get you hand up slightly higher on the grip, lowering the bore of the pistol for reduced recoil while offering improved control.

Adding a Beavertail

For our customers with larger hands who are suffering slide bite we offer our Beavertail Fabrication package. A steel reinforced beavertail is expertly fabricated to the rear of the frame, shaped and smoothed to perfection and finished to look like it was there from the factory. The beavertail not only protects your hand from slide bite, it also helps position your hand on the grip for a faster, smoother draw from your holster, particularly important for competition shooters.

Forward Cocking Serrations

The Glock slide does not offer forward cocking serrations. We now offer you the choice. We will add forward serrations that match the size and angle of the rear serrations on your Glock slide, essential for safe press checking of the chamber. Our standard serrations, as shown in the pictures on this page, do not remove the Glock logo and model number from the left hand side of the slide. However, you can request complete serrations at no extra charge should you wish to remove the factory markings – just be sure to specify when ordering if you want the markings removed.

Obviously, when the serrations are cut into the slide we expose bare base metal which will require some form of metal finishing to prevent corrosion. We suggest our premium NP3 Plus, NP3, Poly-T2 or Roguard coatings which can be applied to the slide only or, you can optionally select our ‘Norton Special’ package, which will metal finish your slide, barrel, all internal parts of the slide and all appropriate internal metal parts of the frame.

Grip Shortening Package

This package offers you the convenience of using both high capacity and subcompact magazines in your standard frame Glock pistol. We combine a backstrap and frontstrap reduction with grip shortening and texturing to enable a Glock 21, for example, to use Glock 30 compact magazines. The section of grip we remove from the pistol is permanently attached to a full size magazine, textured to match. Now, you have a truly convertible system giving you the best of both worlds depending on your requirements.

All Glocks are created equal – Robar makes them unique. Send us your Glock and let us personalize it to suit your exact requirements.

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