What’s the best scope for .204 Ruger? While there are so many scopes for the .204 Ruger available now, not all of them are great choices. All hunters are unique and have different requirements and needs.

For this reason, we need to find our perfect match. The only way to do that is to determine the features we’re looking for, along with the benefits of using a particular scope model.

In the following, we’ve prepared a buying guide with the five best scopes for the .204 Ruger, each with their unique pros and cons. Referring to the following, you’ll be able to compare and weigh different sighting systems and find what you need.

Best .204 Ruger Scope Reviews of 2022

Best Overall
Our Score 9.7 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.2 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.9 Out of 10
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Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-12X56 AO Hog Hunter Rifle Scope

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-12x56 Adjustable Objective Hog Hunter, Second Focal Plane, 30mm Tube Riflescope - V-Brite Illuminated Reticle
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-12x56 Adjustable Objective Hog Hunter, Second Focal Plane, 30mm Tube Riflescope - V-Brite Illuminated Reticle amazon.com Check price

The 3-12x56 Adjustable Objective Hog Hunter Crossfire II riflescope excels when hunting in the lowest light. The V-Brite reticle and over-sized objective allow hunters to take shots from heavy cove...

The very first thing to do is to scrutinize is the basic optical quality of the scope. The magnification range of the Crossfire II AO hog hunter V-Brite can be adjusted from 3x up to 12x. It is flexible depending on the size of the zoom that you need.

The .204 Ruger scope can enlarge the view slightly for short distance and also zoom larger for farther areas. That is an ease for the eyesight to hit the intended target.

Following the magnification size is the objective lens. It is the part that decides how much light enters the tube. Crossfire II AO hog hunter scope has a whopping 56mm objective lens. That means when you look on the scope, you can see clean and very bright ambiance. The more illumination provided, the higher the target accuracy is.

The scope also comes with other features. The Crossfire II AO hog hunter scope has a V-brite reticle, multi-coated lens, and illuminated center dot. This helps the scope deliver clear vision, even in low lighting.

This model also has Second Focal Plane reticles, which are excellent for calculating the range and holdover. The size of the images does not change when the magnification is adjusted.

The Crossfire II AO hog hunter scope is made of hard materials that are similar to aircraft aluminum. Also, the frame is engineered with nitrogen and O-ring sealed.

Its turret is capped. If you use the scope for a shooting activity that requires adjustment, you have to remove the tube first.

  • Magnification range of 3x up to 12x
  • Extra-large 56mm objective lens
  • V-brite reticle and multicoated lens
  • Illuminated center dot
  • Fog-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof
  • Hassle for adjustment of capped turret

Overall, the Vortex Crossfire II AO hog hunter V-Brite Scope will nail any hunting performance with the right amount of shooting skill with its competitive optical features and durable housing.

UTG 4-16×44 30mm AO Rifle Scope

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings
UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings amazon.com Check price

30mm Tube with Best in Class Emerald Lens Coatings to Achieve Maximum Light Transmission for Best Clarity, Built on True Strength Platform, Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled, Shockproof, Fogpro...

The UTG Scope comes in an affordable price tag so you can make it as a gift to yourself or others without hurting your pocket. This scope may have smaller price, but its quality is as much of the other scope competitors.

One of its bragging rights is the 30mm-tube incorporated with emerald optic coatings. That is an advantage since bigger tube servers as a wider passage for light. And with enormous brightness, hunters are provided with supreme clarity.

The single tube scope is designed with some features for vivid vision up to 100 yards field of view. Images can be viewed extra larger due to the 4x to 16x magnification lens once zoomed. Also, its objective lens carries 30mm maximum range. Therefore, the scope can work well either for short and medium shooting range.

Aside from the mentioned features, UTG Scope also added other valuable details to the optics of the scope. It has EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System that can switch to two colors mode (green or red) and 36 colors for Multi-Color Mode. This technology is good to achieve stable lighting even on unfavorable weather conditions.

It also composed of a Mil-dot Range reticle that can make a big difference in your performance in combat field. It even has a Sunshade to protect the eye and the scope against the scorching sun. The scope is also filled with nitrogen to make it water, fog and shock-proof.

However, its field of view is only limited to 100 yards, hence, its optical capacity can be hazy for father distance.

  • 30mm-tube incorporated with emerald optic coatings
  • Extra-large zoom due to the 4x to 16x magnification lens
  • EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System
  • Mil-dot Range reticle
  • Fog-proof and waterproof
  • Limited field of view to 100 yards only

To sum it up, the UTG 4-16X44 30 MM Scope is a valuable investment that comes in an economical cost yet contains a very competitive optical characteristics and well-constructed body frame.

BARSKA 10-40x50mm AO Varmint Rifle Scope

Our Score 8.6 out of 10
BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot Riflescope
BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot Riflescope amazon.com Check price

You can also adjust the parallax correction feature quickly and easily that you can alter to 20 yards. However, other users reported that you can rotate pass that. With this action, you can achieve more stable and accurate shots.

Aside from that, the BARSKA Varmint Rifle Scope features a mil-dot reticle that aims to improve accuracy and speed. The reticle’s design allows you to estimate your range and provides holdover reference for the bullet drop and wind drift.

This rifle scope also comes with big, finger-adjustable and numbered windage and elevation turrets. Plus, it gives a satisfying click whenever you twist them. What’s great about this scope is its click value of 1/8 MOA. This makes it a great rifle scope to use for hunting both small and fast prey and large game.

Made out of high-quality materials, the BARSKA rifle scope is durable. It is 100% water, fog and shock-proof, allowing it to withstand different environment and weather conditions.

Some users feels that the reticle can’t properly maximize the long-range potential of the scope. For them, an illuminated or BDC reticle would’ve been better. Nevertheless, many were satisfied with their purchase.

  • Variable magnification
  • Parallax correction system
  • 1/8 MOA clicks
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Bright and crisp images
  • No illuminated/ BDC reticle

Overall, the BARSKA Varmint Rifle Scope offers versatility with its plethora of features. It’s perfect for long-range shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle Rifle Scope

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle Riflescope, 3-9X 40mm, Realtree AP Camo
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle Riflescope, 3-9X 40mm, Realtree AP Camo amazon.com Check price

Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
100 percent quality materials used and tested extensively
Beautiful design and durability built to last
Dusk &
Low-light riflescope with 3-9x magnification a...

Bushnell’s Banner rifle scope comes with the Circle-X reticle that can be likened to the multi-X. However, the Circle-x reticle has thicker crosshairs and forms a circle at the center point. This design allows results in speed and accuracy when it comes to target acquisition, shooting, and hunting.

Moreover, the Bushnell Banner rifle scope has an eye relief of 6 inches, making it withstand strong recoil. It also comes with numbered and finger-adjustable windage and elevation turrets with a ¼ MOA click value. This allows you to reset your zero to get precise and stable shots.

Made out of high-quality materials, the Bushnell Banner rifle scope is durable and long lasting. It is 100% water, fog and shock-proof, allowing it to withstand various environments and weather conditions.

Aside from that, its rugged construction is also built to withstand heavy recoils from long rifles and high caliber guns. As long as you properly mount the scope, then you’re good to go. It’s also very lightweight and compact to easily lug and move around.

The Bushnell rifle scope comes in a matte black and camouflage finish. Either color can easily let you blend into your landscape and surroundings.

The only downside is that it lacks a parallax adjustment feature. Nevertheless, many users were satisfied with their purchase and were impressed by the scope’s performance.

  • Dusk and Dawn multi-coating
  • Circle-X reticle
  • 6-inch eye relief
  • Adjustable turrets
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No parallax adjustment feature

Overall, the varmint scope provides speed and accuracy in your shots with its superb coating and Circle-X reticle.

Tasco Varmint 2.5-10x42mm Rifle Scope

Our Score 7.8 out of 10
Tasco Varmint 2.5-10x 42mm True Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA Turrets Riflescope
Tasco Varmint 2.5-10x 42mm True Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA Turrets Riflescope amazon.com Check price

Magnification: 2.5-10X
Field-of-view: 35-9ft. At 100 yards
Exit pupil: 16.8Mm at 2.5X/42.Mm at 10X
Outstanding performer at intermediate and long ranges
Variable 2.5-10x magnification; extra-large ...

It also comes with 42mm objective lens that allows enough light to enter in. It has a SuperCon/multi-layered coating that provides bright and crisp images, no matter the light condition.

Tasco’s Varmint rifle scope uses the True Mil-dot Reticle, which allows for quick and easy target acquisition and accuracy. Along with its fast-focus eyepiece, the reticle lets you precisely estimate the range, and it also provides a holdover reference.

Moreover, the Tasco Varmint rifles cope has a parallax adjustment feature that you can alter to 10 yards to infinity. It also has finger-adjustable and numbered windage and elevation turrets with a ¼ MOA click value. This results in more stable shooting which you can use for hunting both small and large prey.

The Tasco Varmint rifle scope is made out of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum that makes it extremely durable. It is 100% water, fog and shock-proof, allowing it to withstand different weather conditions and environments. Moreover, its rugged construction and body was designed to withstand the strong recoil of rifles.

Aside from that, it comes in a black matte finish. This unassuming color allows you to blend in your surroundings and strengthens your camouflage.

Some users reported that the magnification gets a little bit cloudy at 10x. However, the majority of users were satisfied with the product. For them, its features were enough to suit their needs.

  • Variable magnification
  • ¼ MOA clicks
  • True Mil-dot reticle
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Parallax-adjustment feature
  • Gets cloudy at a long range

This rifle scope is a great option for those looking for a solid, top-performing optic to mount on their rifle. You can get exactly what you pay for.

What Makes a Great .204 Ruger Scope?

The .204 Ruger is one of the smallest and fastest rifle rounds in the market. It has excellent ballistics and has minimal drop of 300 yards. This makes it an excellent choice for hunting varmints and other small prey. Installing a scope would greatly increase and maximize its potential. However, there are some factors to consider before making a purchase.

First, the scope should have a sufficient zoom and clear lens. This allows you to sight and shoot targets at long distances accurately. Second, it needs to have a wide objective lens to allow hunting in low-light conditions. Varmints usually come out at night, so your scope should accommodate that. Lastly, the scope should be durable enough to withstand damages and the strong recoil of the rifle. As a bonus, a matte finish would improve stealth and camouflage.

What Magnification Do You Need?

Scope magnification settings depend on the user’s preference and shooting style. However, a scope with sufficient magnification can greatly improve accuracy and provide a better hunting experience. There are various .204 Ruger scopes in the market with different features and specifications. We highlighted the difference in magnification settings to help you choose.

Fixed vs. Variable

A scope can either be fixed or variable. The advantage of a fixed scope is that it’s more durable and rugged compared to variable scopes due to a few moving parts. However, this scope can’t be adjusted. Meanwhile, the variable scope lets you adjust your magnification settings to fit your conditions. However, they are bulkier and far more complex. When it comes to varmint hunting, variable scopes are preferred.


When it comes to varmint hunting, a scope with a decent magnification setting is the best. It can be useful in both mid and long-range situations as it lets you sight and shoot your targets clearly and accurately. For variable scopes, it should have at least a lowest magnification of 3x and a highest magnification of 12-16x. With this, you have the ability to adjust your range and clearly see your target and its surroundings. However, if you are more of a long-range shooter, then your scope may need a higher power level.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Scope for .204 Ruger

The .204 Ruger is typically used for hunting varmints and small prey. While it is already an excellent gun, installing a great scope would significantly increase its potential. There are many.204 Ruger scopes in the market. With the right scope, varmint hunting would be a breeze because it can give you more accurate shots and an overall better hunting experience.


Magnification settings mostly depend on the user. However, they are a significant factor in varmint hunting. If you are doing close-range hunting on varmints, then you won’t really need a high-powered scope. Magnification for these distances would be 1-4x or a fixed magnification of 3x. However, not all varmints are like that. A good rule of thumb is to go for scopes offering magnification ranges of 3-12x, 4-12x, or 4-16x. This provides you the most flexibility, as you can use it in both mid to long ranges. With these ranges, you can accurately sight and shoot your targets without moving.


Your reticles depend on the type of varmint you are hunting as well as your preferences. If you are hunting for larger varmints, then the first focal plane (FFP) reticle would be the best to use. FFP reticles adjust according to the magnification setting. However, the holdover points are the same, regardless of the power setting. As most Ruger scopes have BDC reticles, the FFP is a perfect pair since you can use the BDC at any magnification. However, the downside of FFP reticle is that its thin crosshairs at low power make it difficult to see targets while thick ones at high power can cover the target.

On the other hand, second focal plane (SFP) reticles work at any power level, since it remains the same size regardless of the setting. In Ruger scopes, the SFP reticles are great for smaller and faster varmints. However, the downside of the SFP is that its holdover marks and range estimation is only valid at the highest power.

Objective Lens and Diameter

Some varmints only come out at night. Thus, your scope needs to accommodate that. Choose ones with large diameters. Larger lens means more light transmission and less glares. This allows you to clearly hunt and shoot even at low-light conditions.

Parallax Adjustment

Parallax adjustments are important to get more stable and accurate shots, especially in long-distance shooting. Moreover, this feature is helpful when hunting small and fast targets. As hunting can get a bit sweaty, the parallax adjustment can allow you to fine-tune and reduce as much as cross hair travels as possible.


When it comes to varmint hunting, heavier scopes are a better option since they have more features that are useful for varmint hunting. The downside to heavier scopes is that it’s difficult to move around. Moreover, more features would entail extra care.

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Reading reviews on the.204 Ruger scope will help you figure out which among the plenty of selections out there will give you the most pleasant experience. For this reason, it pays off to compare and weigh your options well. At the end of the day, the sighting tool you choose should give you a pleasant experience in using it. And if you’re a beginner, it will also reward you to pick one that is easy to mount, adjust and use. Use our tips above as additional reference in finding your perfect scope for the .204 Ruger.

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