Whether you are shooting matches or a hunter, you need to understand that there are a lot of things to delight in when it comes to the use of the most topnotch rifle scopes. Nonetheless, prior to getting that far, you really need to know about a scope, since there are tons of misinformation that leads people to conceive that a scope could do more than what it could.

Well, an initial factor you need to keep in mind is that a scope makes lengthier range shots probable but it is not that easy. That said, it is safe to say that for users to better understand scopes, it is crucial to first understand their basic components.

Start your search and explore the best 1-8x scopes below so you can decide for yourself which one suits your requirements the most!

Best 1-8x Scope Reviews of 2022

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
Check price opticsplanet.com
Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
Check price opticsplanet.com
Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 7.8 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 7.2 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8×24 SFP Riflescope

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - BDC2 Reticle (MOA)
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - BDC2 Reticle (MOA) amazon.com Check price

The Strike Eagle 1-8x24 is defined by versatility and power. A true one power provides quick target acquisition in close quarter scenarios or adjust to eight power when you need to engage targets a...

It is also built with multi-coated lenses that are intended to deliver a crisp and very lucid sight picture. This is equipped with an extra battery that could be stored in the windage cap and you won’t have problems releasing it from there. This item also comes with an outstanding eye relief that places a gilt-edged position and the quick focus dial on the eyepiece can guarantee that your reticle is consistently sharp.

Its one-piece 30mm tube is resistant to shock so you can rest assured that it will remain intact even in the event of some unfortunate impacts.

The scope is equipped with superior quality caps and the return to zero functions outstandingly. The magnification adjustment is actually firm; however, it is not too stiff particularly if you utilize one of the rings. Additionally, the scope holds zero very well.

  • Capable of providing ample eye relief
  • Shock-resistant and fog-proof
  • Designed with 11 illumination settings to cater for modifying light conditions
  • Highly recognized for its power and versatility
  • Can guarantee reliable, precise and repeatable performance
  • The eyebox on this scope is tight
  • It is difficult to get used to this product’s reticle especially when utilizing it in close quarters
  • It somehow doesn’t feel right

All in all, this scope is well-constructed as you could observe from the knurled focus to the slight low profile bump on the zoom knob to aid users in altering their zoom. In the same way, the elevation and windage adjustments come with superb clean clicks. Meanwhile, the body is solid and thick and appears like it can take a few bangs and a few light drops. This is a first-rate scope for the money. While it is true that locating the proper eye relief and encountering slight distortion at the edges could be a real challenge- this option is still an excellent value.

Primary Arms 1-8×24 SFP Riflescope

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
Primary Arms 1-8x24mm SFP Riflescope w/ ACSS 5.56/5.45/.308 Reticle, Color: Black, Tube Diameter: 30 mm, Up to 25% Off w/ Free Shipping — 2 models
Primary Arms 1-8x24mm SFP Riflescope w/ ACSS 5.56/5.45/.308 Reticle, Color: Black, Tube Diameter: 30 mm, Up to 25% Off w/ Free Shipping — 2 models opticsplanet.com Check price

The Primary Arms 1-8x24 Second Focal Plane Rifle Scope combines bullet drop compensation, wind holds, and moving target leads to provide the ultimate targeting system, the ACSS reticle. These Rifle...

The image is very lucid at low magnifications with a little fisheye surrounding the edges. Meanwhile, at magnifications higher than 5, specifically at the full 8 power, pictures get slightly dusky. Not hazy as if they are out of focus- in order to inhibit this from happening, it is critical to follow the instructions in adjusting the diopter. The sight picture and field of view are slightly narrow on 8 power which is to be anticipated.

What is more, the illumination is superb. It comes with 11 settings and the first 2 are specially intended for night vision, others are capable of providing an adequate amount of light for all, but probably the brightest targets in direct sun. Undeniably, the clarity it could provide is well beyond that of what you would anticipate for the price.

  • Recognized for being a top-drawer all-purpose combat sight system
  • Elevation and windage adjustments are precise, uncomplicated and repeatable
  • Fog-proof and water-resistant
  • Low weight and comparably small size
  • The ocular cover has the tendency to slip off when you attempt to open it; however, this could be easily fixed with the use of adhesive tape
  • The eye box does get slightly tight at 8x; nonetheless, nothing that couldn’t be adjusted to
  • The little divot is very difficult to see

This brand is certainly a good choice. The hold points are appreciably more user-friendly. You won’t encounter any deficiencies practicing house clearing as well as partaking in snap shooting drills at close range since this model is capable of executing any role and it can function exceptionally. The chevron is noteworthy! It makes accurate shots easy.

Trijicon 1-8x28mm AccuPower Riflescope

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28 Riflescope MOA Segmented-Circle Crosshair w/ Red LED Similar Products
Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28 Riflescope MOA Segmented-Circle Crosshair w/ Red LED Similar Products opticsplanet.com Check price

Equip the Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28 Riflescope on your rifle for an optical advantage that will serve you well in hunting, tactical, and competitive scenarios. The range magnification and first foc...

This scope comes with outstanding quality. You will easily feel its superb quality when you hold it. It seems that everything from the magnification dial to the locking turrets is solidly constructed.

To boot, the optic is completely useable with illumination off during daylight. As you can see, this model comes with useful features that are especially advantageous for tactical, sporting and competitive applications. If you are searching for a functional low power optic that would not force you to spend lavishly, then this brand is ideal for you!

  • Super-clear and has a very broad field of view
  • Perfect for rapid target engagement
  • Turret lock and unlock is quite a piece of cake to do
  • Can guarantee long range precision
  • It comes with short battery life
  • The red reticle’s brightness adjustment works quite fine; however, users need to go up the scale first prior to viewing any changes
  • The crosshair is quite broad and if you are attempting to acquire sub MOA groups, then this is probably tough

There are off positions in the illumination dial, and between each on position making it not burdensome to turn on and off particularly when there are 11 settings that are easy to adjust. Aside from these, the locking turrets often line up with every line when you try to rotate the turrets in a back and forth mode. The field of view is very broad and the etched reticle is quite lucid. Designed with very beneficial specifications and sold at a reasonable price, and the fact that it is manufactured by a trusted brand, you have no reason to continue your search about the perfect 1-8x scope that will best match your preferences and requirements.

Leapers Inc, UTG 1-8x28mm 30mm MRC Scope

Our Score 8.6 out of 10
Leapers Inc, UTG 1-8x28mm 30mm MRC Scope, IE, BG4 Reticle, with ACCU-SYNC, Black (SCP3-18IEBG4)
Leapers Inc, UTG 1-8x28mm 30mm MRC Scope, IE, BG4 Reticle, with ACCU-SYNC, Black (SCP3-18IEBG4) amazon.com Check price

Variable Power: Magnification of the scope is adjustable
Mounting Accessories Included: Ring mounts with appropriate saddle height are included with the product
30mm Tube with Best in Class Emerald...

Apart from these, you’ll love the fact that it is also equipped with a 30mm tube that is designed with class emerald lens coatings- this is adept at obtaining superlative light transition for superb clarity. This model is also made with a BG4 etched glass reticle that could ensure intuitive and fast performance.

Once purchased, the package will already include mounting accessories like ring mounts that come with suitable saddle height. This brand’s variable power comes with a magnification that is quite manageable to modify.

One of the downsides to watch out for is the locking mechanism on the turret since it seems not particularly delighting to use. Capped turrets might function a lot better since the reticle comes with BDC. Also, the 36 colors appear distinctive and in vogue; for all that, you may just basically utilize green and red buttons.

  • Good optical quality
  • The scope’s magnification is easy to adjust
  • Designed to be intuitive and fast
  • Fog-proof, shock-resistant, nitrogen filled and completely sealed
  • Capable of achieving ultimate light transmission for maximum clarity
  • Comes with distortion on the edges at 1x
  • Not satisfying turret lock mechanism

This scope is certainly cost-effective since it is built with a nice BDC reticle. Even though it is not featured as an Advanced Combined Sighting System, it is still very useful and it does not have much clutter in the center. Furthermore, it could even hold zero for roughly 500 rounds. Over and above, this is a great value for a 1-8x scope with a 28mm lens. It was easy to sight in and is capable of ensuring a fast and intuitive type of performance. It is nice to know that you can still get a scope that is pocket-friendly these days.

Visionking Optics 1-8×24 Long Eye Relief Riflescope

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Visionking Optics 1-8x24 Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope 1/10 MIL Low Profile Turret Illuminated Dot
Visionking Optics 1-8x24 Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope 1/10 MIL Low Profile Turret Illuminated Dot amazon.com Check price

Magnification: 1x-8x
Length of middle turret part: 40mm (1.6 inch)
Distance between middle turret part to power ring: 49mm (1.9 inch)
Excellent Optics,Rugged and absolutely waterproof/Fogproof

Also, it is engineered with full filled nitrogen and is the perfect solution if you are in search of a rifle scope that can provide instant target acquisition even in various forms of weather conditions or no matter how low light the background is. This is the clear evidence why it is highly recommended for hunting, target shooting and different military uses.

The top-rated clicks are specially engineered to bring forth precision turret, 1/10 mil/click corrections- as you can see, it is a distinctive place.

  • It comes with a very reliable one-piece main tube and is first-rate at providing the foundation for clear-cut lens alignment as well as other different components
  • It is shock-resistant, designed with O-ring seals and dry nitrogen fills
  • Ideal for various military activities, accurate hunting and shooting target
  •     Can be reliably used regardless of the weather condition or dusky environment
  • Equipped with resettable dials that are found in both elevation and windage adjustments to maintain an easy return to zero and sight calibration
  • It is not lightweight so you need to expect a slight heaviness feeling whenever you use it

To sum it up, you can consider this brand the best budget 1-8x scope in that it comes with many useful features that almost all hunters and shooters look for in a rifle scope yet its selling price remains budget-friendly. It is rare to come across with a rifle scope that possesses the majority of what you search for in a scope model without the need to break the bank.

TOTEN 1-8×26 FFP Riflescope

Our Score 7.9 out of 10
TOTEN Rifle Scope 1-8X26 FFP Illuminated Crosshair Gun Scopes Tactical 0.1mil Click for Viewing
TOTEN Rifle Scope 1-8X26 FFP Illuminated Crosshair Gun Scopes Tactical 0.1mil Click for Viewing amazon.com Check price

【High Quality Materials】The Toten 1-8x26 Rifle-scope is made by 6061-Aluminum-Alloy, which is aircraft-grade. This material has a light weight but sturdy, abled to resistant strong shock and corros...

It is engineered with etched glass VTC-1 MIL reticle and it is the best pick for those who love to hunt, engage in target shooting and if you intend to use it for various military purposes.

This rifle scope’s exceptional clicks are engineered to ensure precise turret and most importantly to generate 1/10 mil/click corrections. Meanwhile, the multi-coated optics are specially meant for providing supreme light transmission for more well-defined image quality.

  • It is totally fog-resistant, waterproof and shock-resistant
  • Rugged and certified durable
  • Designed with easy to adjust elevation and windage with a zero-click stop
  • Designed with extended battery life so it can ensure longer usage
  • Ideal for those who prefer fast 1x performance
  • This riflescope is slightly heavy and bulky

Since it is heavy to carry and lift every time you need to shoot and do other hunting, tactical or military activities, it may be a bit burdensome to carry it with you for a longer period of time. This riflescope is a clever investment in that it comes with dry nitrogen fill and sealed O-ring. It is very popular for its long-lasting and sturdy one-piece main tube. You will like its capability to provide the foundation for accurate lens alignment as well as other components. Also, it comes with resettable dials that are found in both elevation and windage adjustments which are primarily intended to sustain an easy return to zero and sight calibration. All in all, it seems it possesses the majority of the important or must-have specifications of a riflescope.

#7 Primary Arms 1-8×24 SFP Riflescope (Gen III)

Primary Arms 1-8x24 SFP Riflescope (Gen III)This is one of the best Primary Arms 1-8x scopes in that it is designed with 8x magnification power that enables users to view their target with maximum clarity than ever before. This solid scope is constructed with finger adjustable capped turrets, red reticle illumination, as well as a quick focus eyepiece. In like manner, the second focal plane design is uncomplicated to use and is certified sturdy. The entire body construction is solid and seems well-built.

Basically, this model is capable of keeping the reticle its identical size at all magnifications for immediate sight acquisition in all scenarios. Please be guided that it is essential to aim utilizing the point in the reticle that corresponds with the range to the target. On the other hand, for targets at ranges between points, you may consider splitting the distinction.

  • Nitrogen purged, waterproof and fog-resistant
  • Capable of providing users with greater clarity
  • Ensures quick focus eyepiece
  • Equipped with 11 settings that are easy to adjust
  • Lenses are multicoated for the purpose of providing ultimate light transmission
  • Designed with a 5 x 5 Mil matrix to guarantee accurate shooting
  • The horseshoe located on top of the standard Advanced Combined Sighting System reticle has the tendency to slightly distract users when they attempt to employ the scope to shoot in CQ training

Also, this brand is designed with Mil grid system which implies that it could be utilized efficiently with any caliber when consolidated with a ballistic calculator, employing the Mil grid as a holdover system is critical in order to make up for wind conditions and bullet drops.

#8 Shepherd Scopes Series 1-8×24 R-MIL Illuminated Riflescope

Shepherd Scopes Series 1-8x24 R-MIL Illuminated RiflescopeThis is absolutely one of the best 1-8x rifle scopes; its reticle is bright even in broad daylight in both green and red. What is more, the turrets are accurate and tactical. The flip caps provided seems to be built with good quality. The dials are properly textured and are capable of turning smoothly, with just sufficient resistance. The lenses are multi-coated and can provide users with a very lucid picture.

It is delighting to know that this model allows users to easily shoot it out by up to 1 thousand yards or more utilizing your scope reticle holdovers. As you can see, this capability of this model can already save you more bucks as you do not need to buy more expensive ones just to provide you that specification.

This scope is well-prepared for anything. Its body is built with solid construction materials. Everything from the lens retainers to the turret assemblies and interior support system has been set up without adding any heavyweight. The Bullet Drop Compensator reticle enables users to aim targets from point-blank range out to farther ranges.

You’ll love its high definition glass design and as a proof that it could withstand anything that you throw at it, you can observe its full construction that is made with aircraft grade aluminum. The tactical locking turrets work great at holding your zero and these are quite useful in sustaining target accuracy for life.

  • Ultra bright
  • Comes with high transmission optics
  • Out-of-the-ordinary reticle design
  • Can guarantee fast 1x performance
  • Comes with water-resistant and fog-resistant capabilities to aid combat inclement weather conditions
  • Designed with fully-adjustable elevation and windage
  • This brand is not budget-friendly
  • So, if you have a limited budget to invest in a scope, this model is not for you

Overall, this 1-8x scope is a great catch despite its expensive selling price. If you are dreaming of extremely fast target acquisition, then this brand is the perfect match for your needs and preferences.

#9 Burris XTR II 1-8×24 Riflescope

Burris XTR II 1-8×24 RiflescopeAs one of the best tactical 1-8x scopes, this model is capable of providing true 1x magnification for ultimate situational awareness, precise and both eyes open type of shooting 8x magnification that results to outstanding target acquisition at farther ranges.

Some of the features that you will certainly love about this brand include its superb performance optics that could provide Hi-Lume lenses that are multi-coated. It is also built with single-turn and dimensionally-matched elevation and window knobs that come with 1/10-mil click value adjustment as well as zero click stop.

It is shock-roof which conveys that it could remain protected and sturdy even in unfortunate incidents like accidental drop and serious recoil. What is more, it is vibration resistant even under prolonged vehicular patrols.

Nevertheless, due to this model’s 34mm tube, it is regarded as bulky and heavy but something that is sturdy and solidly-built. This brand is actually known for its ability to combat abuse and its ruggedness. As you can see, it comes with an excellent price ratio and high value.  This is truly a good bang for the money!

  • Equipped with 11 varied brightness settings for low light, night vision and day time
  • Rugged and sturdy
  • Easy to adjust elevation and windage with a zero-click stop
  • Deemed as a very competitive rifle scope that is specially constructed with the user’s optical needs in mind
  • Comes with battery saving options
  • There’s a minimal distortion on high magnification
  • The eyebox is a bit tight on greater magnification
  • Slightly bulky and heavy
  • Comes with the lowest amount of parallax adjustment at 50 yards

This product’s accuracy, tactileness, and trackability are superb. All of these 3 factors come with audible and tactile turrets. This means that users could instantly count clicks on the field with the aid of any of these optics. If you are going to observe closely, you will see that this model comes with kind of more excellent turrets feel and the highest internal adjustment range and this is all thanks to its 34mm tube.

What is a 1-8x Scope?

A 1-8x scope is a very distinctive and all-around scope in that it is capable of providing the close range capacities of a non-magnified scope; not to mention, as you level up to 8x power, you could possibly engage rather lengthy distances by up to 800 yards.

It is significant to note that the greatest selling point for this scope is the magnification options. The most superb scope magnification to utilize is the lowest magnification setting. The reason behind this is because this is where you could see a lucid view of your total target.

Basically, if the power is too low, then you might not have a maximum shot placement or even view your target very lucidly. Besides, if the power is too high, you will surely encounter a few problems with target acquisition if your game moves, or it will be difficult for you to see the surroundings of your target.

What Makes a Great 1-8x Scope?

A 1-8x scope is an ideal solution for both long and short range requirements. This works well with the convenience of a 1x magnification scope while at the same time capable of reaching out a few hundred yards more.

The scope is great if it is capable of managing the transitions involved with optical settings whether you utilize in a bright sunny day or low light conditions. It is noteworthy to understand that a 1-8x scope is flexible. This is the reason why it remains one of the top choices in the market these days.

It offers the shooter the capability to make a smooth transition from close range to farther ranges without much effort. And since, you do not need to evaluate the bullet impact points with power changes; there is no need to consume more time when it comes to making instant target acquisition.

In addition to this, the best 1-8x scope for AR should be designed with fog, shock, and water-resistant capabilities. This is to ensure that it can withstand any inclement weather conditions and it will remain protected and sturdy in case you accidentally drop it during tactical, competitive or sports matches.

Another factor that needs to be considered when deciding for a 1-8x scope is the lens system. There are multi-colored designs for positive light quality control and more for added protection.

You can only say that a 1-8x scope is the best if it can provide you ultimate clarity when shooting even in remote distances, support you adjust the setting smoothly, and help you hit the target well without any disruptions using its features.

Factors to Consider when Buying a 1-8x Scope

Prior to taking the plunge in buying a 1-8x scope, there are some important aspects that must be taken into consideration and these include the following:

Reticle Type

Since magnification scopes revolve around accuracy at any range, they commonly consist of distinctive reticles. From proprietary, standard crosshairs to mil-dots reticles the manufacturer builds, there are a lot of choices to select from.

Objective Diameter

This pertains to how broad the lens is. Not solely does it imply a possibly bigger viewing picture, but since a broader lens enables more light into the tube, it also conveys that a brighter picture is guaranteed.  This is not quite as vital as it is with scopes that go to much greater magnification levels; be that as it may, it is still valuable, and it is advisable to search for an adequately broad diameter.

Ease of Use

Parallax, elevation, and windage are all common elements that are adjustable on most scopes, and how the scope enables users to manage these adjustments will figure out how simple it is to execute in the thick of a hunt. It is crucial to search for the model that is not in the way but is also effortless to reach without the need to take your eyes off the target.


This is an aspect to take in mind prior to making a 1-8x power range purchase.  You need to carefully reflect on where you’ll be executing the majority of your shooting activities. In case that you are into hunting some animals in very large hills and need to do more hitchhiking in between shots, it could be advantageous for you to select a more lightweight riflescope because consistently lifting a bulky rifle will definitely be a burden if used for longer periods.

On the other hand, assuming that you are going to use it for shooting at farther distances at the range, a heavier scope may be fine where you will have sandbags or bipod to shoot your rifle from.


This pertains to the range wherein you could multiply the vision of the naked eye. This is highly preferential which means that if you are a huntsman who needs to launch roaming targets below a hundred yards, the 3-9x scope will be fine for you.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to hit bull’s eyes from a distance of 750 yards, then a scope with a greater magnification range such as 5-30x may fit your preference and style.

Windage or Elevation Adjustment

Elevation and windage adjustment turrets are utilized to modify the bullet’s impact’s position. Furthermore, windage adjustments come with the capability to shift the bullet’s point of impact to the right or left in connection to the reticle.

Also, the adjustments in the elevation are utilized to shift the bullet’s point or impact up and down. It is important to understand that the adjustments in the scope are either created in a so-called minute of angle units.

For those who are still a novice at hunting, at the time you started sighting in your rifle, the elevation and windage turrets won’t require to be modified again.

These adjustments or modifications in the scope are absolutely advantageous for strategic shooters who need to make farther distance shots.

Lens coating

These are the most vital factor in transmitting light. Of course, shooters hope to view the clearest and brightest image possible when they look through the scope. Take note that this is influenced by the load of reflected light that penetrates by the lens as well as the load of light passed on via the lenses.

The main objective of optical coatings is to minimize the absence of light and glare that are viewed as primarily brought about by reflection. Essentially, more coatings commonly result in a more excellent transmission of light.

There are 4 primary classifications of ocular lens coatings and these comprise of:

  • Fully Multicoated
  • Coated
  • Multicoated
  • Fully Coated

Please notice that with superior quality comes a more expensive price; nonetheless, spending extra bucks to obtain high-quality coatings could significantly and positively influence your tactical and competitive shooting practice and activities.

1-8x Scope Comparison

Product Reticle Magnification Objective Lens Diameter Eye Relief Tube Size Length Weight
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x24 SFP Riflescope AR-BDC2 1-8x 24mm 3.5 in 30mm 10 in 16.5 oz.
Primary Arms 1-8x24 SFP Riflescope ACSS GRIFFIN MIL 1-8x 24mm 3.5 - 3.3 in 30mm 10 in 16.9 oz.
Primary Arms 1-8x24 SFP Riflescope (Gen III) ACSS Griffin MIL SFP 1-8x 24mm Low: 3.50 in / High: 3.30 in 30mm 10 in 16.9 oz.
Trijicon 1-8x28mm AccuPower Riflescope MOA Dot SFP Crosshair 1-8x 56mm 3.2 - 3.8 in 34mm 14.3 in 36 oz.
Leapers Inc, UTG 1-8x28mm 30mm MRC Scope BG4 1-8x 28mm 5" - 3. 35" 30mm 260mm 18 oz.
Shepherd Scopes Series 1-8x24 R-MIL Illuminated Riflescope Mil Hash with Ranging 1-8x 24mm 3.2 - 3.6 in 30mm 10 in 530 g
Burris XTR II 1-8x24 Riflescope BR-RS-1824XTR2 1-8x 34mm 3.50-4.00 in 34mm 10.75 in 24.4 oz.
TOTEN 1-8x26 FFP Riflescope Etched glass VTC-1 MIL style 1-8x 26mm 111.0-90.8mm (4.33-3.54 Inch) 35mm 250mm (9.9 Inch) 725g
Visionking Optics 1-8x24 Long Eye Relief Riflescope Glass-etched Illuminatied 1-8x 24mm 111-91mm 30mm 260mm 500 g

(Source: [1])


The scope market is filled with a broad array of offerings and whether you admit it or not, it is sometimes daunting to decide which brand or model suits you best. Indeed, you may ponder on which features are valuable to be equipped in a scope and which specifications are only added bells and whistles.

Deciding to purchase a riflescope is a good option. Scopes make competition, hunting, target and long-range shooting a lot easier, more enjoyable and more precise. Nevertheless, there are nearly a limitless number of options. How is one supposed to decide? In order to narrow down the best 1-8x scope choices, you need to carefully review the guides aforementioned.

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