Police Shootings and Crime Database
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Police Shooting Database (2017) in Utah

The following list contains the names of all people killed during interactions with law enforcement officers in Utah in the year 2017 and the source that reported on the event. Click here to see crime and police shooting statistics for all years in Utah.

Date Name Age Gender Source
2017-09-28 Michael Bruce Peterson 39 M sltrib.com
2017-08-13 Patrick Harmon 50 M gephardtdaily.com
2017-07-04 Cody Ray McCray 32 M kutv.com
2017-02-26 Barry Michael Zumwalt 36 M sltrib.com
2017-02-21 Bartolo Justice Sambrano 25 M standard.net
2017-02-21 Nicolas Sanchez 38 M kutv.com

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